Electric wheelchairs are used to facilitate the transportation of people who have some type of disability in moving. The three types of people who usually use this type of chairs are: the elderly, seniors, and people with reduced mobility.


Electric wheelchairs are formed by these parts: comfortable seat, footrests, backrest, armrests, steering wheel, front and rear wheels

Types of electric wheelchairs

At Teyder we have all types of electric chairs:

Folding electric wheelchairs

Ultralight electric wheelchairs

Raising and motorized wheelchairs

When using a wheelchair, it is essential that the person adopts a correct and comfortable posture. The wheelchair must be adapted to the patient’s physical conditions (raising or lowering the seat and raising or lowering the handlebar). Some people also use their own cushion to be more comfortable in the seat.

At Teyder we manufacture extremely comfortable electric chairs so that anyone can spend hours in them without any discomfort.

The turning radius of our chairs allows them to be used both at home and in public places with maximum safety, comfort, and stability.

Electric motor for wheelchair

In addition to electric wheelchairs, at Teyder we also sell electric motors that have a power of up to 300W. These motors are adaptable to the majority of chairs on the market and have dual wheels for maximum stability.

These electric motors are very easy to transport and have the folding functionality when not in use and can move both backward and forward.

Remember that before buying an electric wheelchair you must consider that it is important that the first few times it is used by an elderly person, it is advisable to supervise until you can use it alone.