At Teyder, we have the best selection of electric scooters for people with reduced mobility. You can find small, detachable scooters that can be taken apart into multiple pieces to fit in the car trunk, as well as medium-sized scooters for city travel or larger scooters for users who want to take long trips. Electric scooters for seniors are available in three-wheel and four-wheel versions.


Electric Scooters

Electric scooters for people with reduced mobility have experienced a significant increase in their use and popularity among the population. This is due to its easy handling and usability.

In Teyder we have different models of electric scooters. For example, a sturdy duo scooter designed for two people, equipped with 4 wheels with independent suspension, integrated lights, adjustable seat and a storage compartment included.

On the other hand, we also have a very light scooter that folds automatically with a remote control, making it very easy to transport and store.

In addition, they come with quick-release lithium batteries and a fully adjustable handlebar.


Cost-effectiveness: Unlike other manufacturers that use combustion engines, our scooters have a very low charging cost thanks to our advanced batteries.

Sustainability: The use of an electric motor does not harm the environment as it does not emit any polluting gases.

Spare parts: In the unlikely event that you need to replace any part of the scooter, in Teyder we have all the necessary spare parts.

Easy handling and use: In Teyder we value the quality of our products. Therefore, our scooters are manufactured with the best materials to make its handling as light as possible and easy to use.