Cranes and lifts are auxiliary and therapeutic technical elements that help improve the quality of life for patients suffering from reduced mobility.

In this way, the body will be more comfortable, and it will be able to carry out its activities and enhance movement with comfort and safety.

LIFTS: characteristics

What is a lift for people with reduced mobility?

Transfer cranes, standing hoists, and harnesses are part of the patient lift models available in our catalog.

These are patient lifts designed to assist with moving, sitting, or lying down.

They are designed for both transfer and lifting: they are highly resistant, sturdy, easy to use, and very safe, and can support weights ranging from 80 to 300 kilograms.

They are intended to make the caregiver’s job easier when handling the patient, for example, when transferring them from the bed to a wheelchair.

Types of lifts

Patient ransfer and elevation lifts: Specifically designed to lift users from the bed to another point of support, facilitating the transfer to another surface such as a wheelchair, sofa, etc. These electric patient lifts do not take up too much space and allow the patient to change positions without great effort.

Standing hoist: These cranes are used to lift or stand up, requiring minimal muscular effort from the user. These patient lifting cranes are commonly used for diaper changes, accompanied by specialized harnesses that allow the patient to assume the perfect position.

Dual-function lifts: These lifts serve both as standing hoists and lifts; they are very comprehensive, as they offer all kinds of assistance in movement, designed for diaper changes, lifting, laying down, or transferring any type of patient.

Pool lifts: Ideal for communities, sports or municipal pools that need to transfer individuals with disabilities or elderly individuals into the water carefully, slowly, and safely.

Home lifts: Designed for common use, they are intended to lay down, lift, and transfer users from one point to another within the home. Due to this, they have a smaller size compared to other types of cranes in order to navigate through tight spaces within the residence. They are comfortable and safe, and adapt perfectly to each user.

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