The main difference between manual wheelchairs and electric ones is that manual wheelchairs need to be pushed by the person sitting in them or by a companion. The absence of electric motors in these wheelchairs makes them very lightweight and facilitates user self-propulsion. Additionally, some wheelchairs are also foldable, further facilitating their transportation.

At Teyder, we offer a wide variety of models of lightweight and reclining manual wheelchairs. Additionally, we have wheelchairs made of both aluminum and steel.


Before purchasing a manual wheelchair, remember that each product has a data sheet with its technical specifications so that you can take into account its measurements and proportions.

Types of manual wheelchairs

If you have ever thought that your best option is to buy a manual wheelchair, you can purchase a manual wheelchair in our store.
There are different types of orthopedic wheelchairs depending on the intended use:
Foldable aluminum wheelchairs: they are the lightest, easy to maneuver, and foldable. Depending on the model, the backrest can be disassembled and stored to facilitate storage. In fact, this style of wheelchair is the best for those who need to travel and move regularly using means of transportation such as cars.
Foldable steel wheelchairs: They are stronger and more stable than aluminum models. They are more recommended if they are not transported from one place to another.

Features of Teyder

At Teyder, we manufacture manual wheelchairs for indoor and outdoor use. Our wheels are durable and require no maintenance. They are also foldable for easy transportation.
At Teyder, we always have the best manual wheelchairs in our catalog, so look for the one that suits you best.