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The practice of running is much more than the simple action of running.

Exercising or playing sports brings many benefits to the body and health of people if you use sports braces. So in Teyder, experts in Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, we give 16 reasons to start and never stop practicing sports such as running:

  1. INCREASES CARTILAGE PRODUCTION and protect joints from arthritis thanks to the impact of running and the use of appropriate orthosis.
  2. PREVENTS DISEASES like diabetes, cholesterol or obesity if the runner goes running regularly.
  3. BETTER HEARING due to an improvement in the circulation of any runner.
  4. PREVENTS SKIN CANCER combining running and coffee because that helps to produce less damaged cells.
  5. The daily running allows WEIGHT CONTROL. Running burns calories, so it is an ideal sport to manage your weight and burn fat.
  6. Reduces the MIGRAINE EPISODES with regularly outdoors running.
  7. BETTER CARDIORESPIRATORY SYSTEM after the adaptation of the body in sports.
  8. INCREASES MUSCLE MASS thanks to the fact that running stimulates the reproduction of stem cells.
  9. Running REDUCES STRESS with aerobic exercise.
  10. It IMPROVES COGNITIVE SYSTEM because running is a very effective for stimulating the brain of the runner.
  11. PROTECTS BONES with the weight that they have to support, the use of sports orthosis and greater muscle density that day after day helps strengthen bones.
  12. PREVENTS CANCER in areas such as the lung or digestive tract, also breast cancer.
  13. Running allows a GREATER MUSCLE TONING for the runner to be always in shape.
  14. AVOID INSOMNIA after running, so you can rest peacefully.
  15. PROVIDES BENEFITS IN SELF ESTEEM AND SOCIALIZATION thanks to the fact that practice running regularly increases self confidence and even you can share your experience with other runners.
  16. SLOWS MUSCLE AND BONE AGE thus preventing osteoporosis.

Are not these 16 benefits enough to wear your sports orthosis and go running as a professional runner?

In Teyder we encourage all runners to go running without injuries using our sports braces of Sport One or elastic braces Ecolastic.