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How to be the best in the Trail Running?

Trail running or mountain race is a variant of Running consisting in run mountain trails through all kinds of obstacles like irregular slopes, rivers and everything that nature offers in a mountainous terrain.

Due to weather conditions and terrain, riders must be very well equipped and trained to avoid possible injury or setbacks. So in Teyder we provide some recommendations and comfortable braces to practice this trendy sport.

Tips for improving as a Trail Runner

A good trail runner must be prepared for any challenge and it is therefore essential to consider the different factors that will help you overcome the Trail Running race successfully:

  • Trail Running Equipment
    • Trail running shoes for running on any surface and prevent injuries.
    • Survival basics to run.
    • Telescopic hiking poles.
    • Sunglasses, flashlights, windbreaker, orthosis and other useful items for running.
  • Constant running and training
    • Combine training on hills and plains to improve speed.
    • Spread in unstable environments to improve your balance and proprioception.
    • Work all parts of your legs with a wide variety of materials and exercises to strengthen and stabilize your knees. By strengthening the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and calves you will get security when running on the downhills and an increase of your resistance.
  • Stretching and exercises before the mountain race
    • Perform many stretches for Trail Running: acquire strength, increase speed, prevent sports injuries,…
    • Stretch for the hamstrings before running: raise your leg forward and rest it on a surface that allows an angle of 90 degrees with your legs. From there, try to stand with good posture and upturned ass.
    • Squat to strengthen buttocks: open your legs and put your hands on the back of the head, so that each arm forms a triangle. Then contract the belly and lowered and raised bending your knees and keeping a good posture of the spine.
    • Keep the balance with different supports totally barefoot.
    • Stretches of quadriceps for runners: kneel and lean your torso back for seconds.
  • Prevent injuries with braces
    • If you have previously suffered injuries, Teyder recommend protecting the body part that has been injured with a brace. In trail running, like other variants of running, the lesions are usually located on ankles and knees, so it is important to be careful and avoid ankle and knee sprains with knee braces and ankle braces.
  • Tips for the Trail Running
    • Increase stability opening your arms to run a sharp slope.
    • When running in a technical terrain, make alternate strides to prevent falls and injuries.
    • Avoid heat stroke with sun protection and hydration.
    • Alternate the pace run after an intense downhill.
    • Walk briskly in the great unevenness terrains to restore forces and keep running.

To be fully fit in a mountain race equip yourself well, train daily and take precautions like using braces to prevent ankle and knee injuries. Teyder Barcelona help you with the prevention and recovery of injures with the best orthosis.