28 de August de 2015 | Uncategorised

New ergonomic wheelchair available!

In Teyder we are pleased to introduce the new wheelchair, a manual ergonomic wheelchair that assures the comfort of people with reduced mobility or elderly.

The new manual wheelchair of Teyder has an aluminium structure for added lightness and includes all the elements to ensure greater mobility without efforts. Furthermore, it is characterized to be a reclining wheelchair that provides the best body posture, so thanks to the material and adaptability of the innovative Positron 1431SR, you will enjoy the most comfortable manual wheelchair for people with disabilities.

In Teyder we know about the importance of the comfort of the wheelchairs for the people with reduced mobility and seniors, so we wanted to respond to the needs of the disabled who need a comfortable manual wheelchair for all terrain.

Other features of our ergonomic manual wheelchair are:

  • Anti-tipping wheels
  • 30 ° Inclination
  • Maximum weight 125kg
  • Adaptable wheels
  • Adjustable seat

So, apart from providing comfort, in Teyder we work every day to improve our technical assistance and ensure the safety and mobility of people with disabilities and elderly.

Are you fed up with the pain you get from your wheelchair? The ergonomic wheelchair of Teyder changes that pain to absolute comfort. Ask for the wheelchair Positron 1431SR calling (+34) 933 819 011 or clicking HERE.