26 de January de 2024 |

Orthoses: Rehabilitation benefits

Orthoses play a major role during the recovery and rehabilitation process. Whether post-injury, post-surgery or as part of the long-term treatment of an illness, they offer a number of benefits that go beyond simple physical correction.

Applying orthoses appropriately can accelerate rehabilitation by giving patients the ability to perform specific exercises and physical activities more effectively. They help promote muscle strength, flexibility and functionality more quickly.


This Teyder article will explore how orthoses contribute positively in several ways:

– They provide structural support that stabilises the afflicted areas. They are particularly helpful after joint or muscle injuries, helping to prevent unwanted movement and allowing damaged tissues to rest and heal properly.

– They are designed to improve mobility and aid movement in cases where normal function may be impaired.

– By providing support and stability, they can help reduce weight bearing on impactedareas, thereby relieving pain. This makes it easier to participate in physical activitieswhich are necessary for recovery.


Teyder recognises how critically important orthotics are, and we believe they play an essential role in providing significant physical and emotional support. By collaborating with healthcare professionals and adapting to the specific needs of each patient, these tools become invaluable allies as patients seek to return to an active life.

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