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Prevent sports injuries in trail running

Mountain races tend to be highly physically demanding, so you must be in very good shape for the trail running and prepare your body beforehand with a rigorous sports training. If you do not have sufficient physical capacity to face trail running, it is more than likely to get hurt and you will end using orthosis.

Besides a high level of physical demand, trail running is characterized by uneven terrain and steep slopes can cause you knee injuries and ankle injuries, mainly. No matter if you are a trail runner or an amateur, we all can have injuries, so get your knee orthosis, your ankle brace and… Go run!

>What injuries can you suffer practicing trail running?

During the mountain races you can easily injure. Although often the injuries are usually cramps, blisters, contractures and some wounds, in the trail running some runners suffer from knee and ankle injuries, such as sprains, muscle tears and tendinitis so it is essential to protect your knee and your ankle with a brace before running and relieve pain with orthosis that fit your needs.

How to cure sprains?

A sprain occurs when you have a distension of the ligamentous structures of a body part. Although there are different types of sprain, the most common in sports is the ankle sprain, so it is much better to prevent and bring an ankle brace before running a mountain race than run the trail running and have to wear an ankle orthosis and stop practicing sport for a while. Other modes of prevention for runners is the use of trail running shoes, prepare ankle proprioception exercises, prepare your leg and work your footfall to run safely in the mountain race.

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To treat ankle injuries, it is important to:

  • Put ice for 15min. every 2-3 hours.
  • Alternate cold water and hot water.
  • Use an ankle brace, and thus protect your ankle joint.
  • Go to the doctor and physiotherapist.

With the ankle brace of Sport One of Teyder you can get suitable treatment for hot and cold ankle sprains.

What to do in case of tendinitis?

When there is an excessive use of the tendons, an inflammation of the tendon sheath that covers the tendons occurs. Generally, tendinitis of trail runners is due to the continued steep terrain to which trail runners faced in mountain races. Therefore, protect joints, ligaments and tendons of the muscles of the quadriceps and knees, especially when you already suffered a knee injury earlier. How? Knee injuries in the trail running can be prevented in several ways: application of hot / cold, stretching, daily sport practice to strengthen your muscles and the use of knee braces. In Teyder we recommend a sports brace with cold/hot treatment, the knee brace of Sport One.

The treatment of tendinitis in the knees is very similar to the treatment of ankle sprains:

  • Cryotherapy.
  • Rest.
  • Take anti-inflammatory pills.
  • Use an orthosis to protect the knee.
  • Go to the doctor and physiotherapist.

If instead of suffering from tendinitis, you feel discomfort in the thigh (quadriceps) after the mountain race, use an elastic thigh support and see the doctor.

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