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Retro Running, the new way of running

Retro Running is a form of sport that involves running backwards. Although it was practiced before, in 2005 the International Federation of Retro Running was founded by German, Swiss, French and Austrian and nowadays this sport is fashionable in Spain.

Retro Running Benefits

Experts argue that although the Retro Running is an unnatural exercise, presents a wide variety of health benefits:

  • Loss of calories
  • Benefits for locomotors system
  • Improved balance
  • Increased coordination
  • Strengthening of the antagonist muscles
  • Less risk of sports injuries because the musculature of your body is balanced
  • Active intuition and reflexes

Sandra Corcuera, 4-time world champion in the Retro Running

Sandra Corcuera accidentally started practicing Retro Running and since then she has been unable to stop. With four gold medals of the World Retro Running Championship, the athlete still wants to achieve more triumphs in the world of Retro Running. Currently, the Catalan champion of Running backwards is preparing herself for the World Essel (Germany) in 2016 and the Half Marathon in 2017 to beat the world record of female marathon.

In Teyder we’ve compiled some tips from Sandra Corcuera, the world champion of Retro Running:

  • It is essential to have trained hard running backwards before coming to a career Retro Running, if not, is very likely to suffer injuries.
  • If you are starting with Retro Running, it is important to be aware of every move to prevent sports injuries: first practice making strides back to some leaning forward and standing upright but leaning forward posture. When you master the art of walking backwards, you should alternate walking and running backwards until you are able to practice the Retro Running with security.
  • Never stop completely at the finish of the race or at the end of your training because in the last sprint you can fall, break your arms and having to wear orthosis for a while.
  • Train with athletic materials, as in the running, but insist on the running technique and the fitness of the entire body (especially antagonistic muscles, lower back and abdominals).
  • Be guided by the lines of the track in racing Retro Running and pay attention when overtaking to prevent falls and injuries. At first it will be difficult, but once you take confidence and dominate the running backwards technique, you can take control of your movements and run backwards safely.

How to prevent injuries in Retro Running?

Although the Retro Running decreases the risk of suffering sports injuries, it can also provoke them if you are not running backwards correctly. Therefore, from Teyder we advise you:

  • Take security to run backwards and avoid twisting your neck constantly, can wipe out cervical injuries.
  • Keep in mind at all times the position of your spine to avoid injury to the trunk. If previously you’ve had an injury in the back, protect it with a back brace or other trunk orthosis to meet their needs during the Retro Running. You can also use back braces only for prevention and avoid overstrains.
  • Follow the advice of Sandra Corcuera: constant training, sport in the correct posture and control of sprints and movements to avoid sports injuries.

In Teyder we encourage all runners to practice Retro Running and opt for a trunk line braces to prevent sports injuries.