27 de December de 2023 |

Strain-minimising activities for joints

Joints play a very important role in our mobility, and their health is essential for a pain-free life. 

Teyder believes a healthy lifestyle choice of low-impact options such as swimming, cycling or yoga minimises the stress and strengthens these muscles.


Swimming builds stamina and promotes flexibility. When immersed in water, the body experiences less strain on the joints. It provides a full body workout, strengthening muscles without impacting joints. 


Cycling is a great option for those looking for an activity that benefits both the heart and joints. Cycling reduces the load on the knees and ankles compared to other high-impact activities such as running. 


Yoga is known for its physical and emotional benefits. This practice combines physical movement, breathing and mental focus in a unique way. Yoga involves fluid movements combined with breathing techniques, improving strength, balance and flexibility. They are especially beneficial for the body and can be adapted to different levels of ability and mobility.

All in all, these three sports are healthy alternatives to keep us active without sacrificing joint health, providing a balanced formula for our long-term well-being.