11 de January de 2024 |

Tips for packing your suitcase before a wheelchair journey

Travelling in a wheelchair can pose certain challenges. By following these packing tips geared to your individual situation, you will be better prepared to make the most of your trip.


First, make a list of essential items. Keep in mind the specific needs associated with your wheelchair and additional accessories. When it comes to clothing, comfort and functionality are key. Select comfortable clothing.

Also, a basic kit of tools and spare parts for your wheelchair, such as adjusting spanners, is essential to include in your luggage. If necessary, you will be able to carry out minor repairs, ensuring that your wheelchair remains in good working order. If you are travelling with an electric wheelchair, don’t forget to fully charge your batteries before you leave and pack any chargers you need. Take note of the charging locations available at your destinations, and be sure to bring universal adapters. At Teyder, we make sure our wheelchairs have long battery life.

Find out about how accessible the places you plan to visit are, and be aware of any potential challenges. It will allow you to pack more strategically and be prepared. Also, take a mobile phone with you and plan ahead by using travel apps that provide information on the accessibility at specific locations.


These tips will make for a smoother and more enjoyable trip. Personalisation, preparation and recognising your individual needs are key.

This article demonstrates how careful planning and attention to detail can help you minimise complications and make the most of your wheelchair travel experience.