11 de January de 2024 |

Types of Lift Slings

Patient slings are an important tool used to help patients function without strain or pain. In this article from Teyder, we will look at what types of lifting slings are available and what to consider when choosing one.

How to choose the best lift sling to suit your needs
Each type of sling must meet minimum requirements for specific activities that patients with reduced mobility or paralysis must perform periodically, such as using the toilet or maintaining hygiene.

To choose the best type of lift sling and to avoid unnecessary harm or suffering to your patients, you should consider certain factors, including the following:
 Patient’s weight
 Which lift will be used
 Whether the sling can get wet and/or be washed
 The person's degree of mobility
 How far the patient will be moved

Get the sling you need at Teyder
At Teyder you can find a wide range of products, including different types of lift slings. We have adapted options for everyone’s specific needs. Here is a list of them:
 Universal sling
 Sling with headrest
 Quick-fit sling
 Bariatric universal sling