25 de March de 2024 |

Falls in older adults

Falls are one of the most common and serious health problems among older adults and can result in serious injuries.


However, by implementing appropriate prevention strategies, it is possible to significantly reduce the risk and improve the quality of life of older adults. At Teyder we suggest some measures to help prevent and manage falls:


  • A regular exercise programme, including muscle strengthening and balance exercises, can help reduce the risk of falls and improve musculoskeletal health.


  • It is important to have regular medical check-ups to detect and treat musculoskeletal conditions and risk factors, such as osteoporosis and hypertension.


  • Simple changes at home, such as installing grab bars in the bathroom, removing obstacles in hallways and improving lighting, can help reduce the risk of falls.


  • Your medication should also be reviewed regularly with a doctor to avoid side effects that may increase the risk of falls.


  • The use of assistive devices, such as canes or walkers, can provide additional stability and reduce the risk of falls for those who have difficulty walking. In addition, for those with more limited mobility, opt for wheelchairs and specific technical aids such as those available at Teyder.


Individuals, health care providers and caregivers need to be aware of these fall risks and work together to promote the health and safety of older people.