13 de October de 2023 |

How to adapt your vehicle for people with reduced mobility

Everyone should be able to move around without restriction, and a car that has been modified is necessary for those who have limited mobility. In this article, we’ll go over how to modify your car to make sure it complies with the strictest standards, giving you peace of mind and a sense of security on every trip.


A modified vehicle needs modifications like ramps or lifting mechanisms. To ensure its safety and proper operation, make sure it is regularly inspected. Any wear or malfunction should also be addressed right away.

Restraints and anchors

Make sure they are installed and working properly if your vehicle has a wheelchair or other mobility restraint system. For long trips and journeys, Teyder offers lightweight, folding electric and manual wheelchairs like the Discovery model.

Assistive technology

Consider adding more assistive technology to modified cars to increase safety, like frontal collision warning systems or adaptive controls.

In conclusion, vehicle adaptation is crucial for a person with a disability to have mobility. You can make sure your car is in excellent condition for worry-free and safe travel by heeding these suggestions and performing thorough maintenance and assessments.